Random Word Password Generator

Approximate length: joined with from corpus size

Password generator modelled after xkcd.com/936 "Password Strength" (discussion)

Entropy calculated per information entropy formula (taking into account the fact that only dictionary words are used, not random letters)

Words are taken from Linux aspell English master dictionary, sorted by frequency of occurrence in Google Books.
Selecting a smaller corpus size thus generates less uncommon words, but makes for weaker passwords.
Check the "assume cracklib" box to avoid generating more than 4 pairs of adjacent letters such as "ab" or "gf" - which make Linux say a password is "simplistic".

Distribution of generated password entropy as a function of target length
(for 50,000 word corpus)

These passwords are generated on the server using a pseudo-random number generator. But I can't tell which one you pick, if any. I don't log generated passwords or attempt to figure out who you are from browser fingerprinting, but then you only have my word for that...

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Get the source code for this generator: mkpasswd2.pl and aspell.byfreq.txt