Linux with MPIO FY600

This is a cheap (CAD $90-ish) 256Mb MP3 player. It works!

I was thinking of getting one of these to play with, but I don't listen to music much anymore except in the car. Then I thought, "hey, some hard-driving rock for skiing to might be fun, and it won't skip or bang into me etc. like the old Walkmans or CD-players".
Haven't tried it yet...skiing, that is.

The box says it doesn't need drivers, and it doesn't. It just shows up as a memory stick on USB. Doesn't like double-dot filenames that I tend to use like living.dead.mp3, but is happy with spaces.

Supports voice recording to MP3, playing MP3 and WMA. Also an FM radio. Could probably store text by saving it as long filenames, which are scrolled sideways on the display. ...yes, but it's kind of stupid ...