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Note that details of services, data plans, coverage etc. are probably not up-to-date. The page was written in 2010 and only sporadically updated.

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October 2010 Acquire a Nokia E71 smartphone from Rogers Wireless after losing my Nokia 6820 which I'd had since 2005. Some agonizing over a replacement that would do everything the 6820 would, but better - specifically, talk to my Nokia N810.

What Works

Lots of things. The phone is loaded with features, some of which I hadn't anticipated.
  • Voice calling - obviously
  • Text messaging (ditto)
  • Web browsing - now standard cf. when I bought the 6820. Preset defaults for the access points on Rogers that can't be changed. The homepage defaults to Rogers mobile portal, but can be overridden - at least for the "web" icon if not the "internet" button.
  • GPS. Not unsurprisingly faster than the chip in the N810. The settings allow AGPS. There does not seem to be any 3D data (height information).
  • The camera - decent resolution, much much better than the camera in the 6820 or N810. Has a flash.
  • Bluetooth from N810. I can browse the E71 memory from the N810.
  • USB mass storage access from Linux. Shows up automounted in /media/disk
  • Downloading apps from the Ovi store
  • Accessing the Internet from the N810 using Bluetooth DUN
  • The FM radio. Somewhat annoyingly, it refuses to work unless the wired headset is connected, although sound can be directed to the speaker or, I believe, BT headset. This is I believe because the radio uses the headset wire for an antenna - but I would prefer that it at least try to work without. Maybe if there's a strong VHF signal it would not need an antenna.
  • E71 + Linux

What didn't work (at least, not right away)

  • Pairing my Ubiquio Bluetooth keyboard. It was a bit tricky to pair on the N810 as I recall - on the E71 it shows up as "KEYBOARD" but won't pair properly.


The E71 has 3 non-volatile storage areas:
  • The phone memory
  • The SIM card
  • A removable microSD card
These can be accessed in various somewhat confusing ways.


The zoom buttons for the preloaded map application are "3" and "6" - which require holding down the function key.


Andrew Daviel